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Education & Training
2017-2018 | |CROWNE PLAZA | ROSEMONT, IL Documents: Associated Documents
Apr. 21-22, 2017
Please click PDF file to view and print registration form. NEAR RIVER'S CASINO! Event begins at 8:00AM and closes at 5PM. SPECIAL GUESTS INCLUDE: Lt. Paul Echols -Keynote Speaker Keynote Speaker. Attorney Edward W. Williams - Education Instructor. VENDORS: Process Server's Toolbox - Bob Musser; SimplServe - John Runchey; ServeNow; ServeManager; PiNow; NCISS SPONSORS: Tactical Investigations; CPS Investigations, LLC; Cox Livery REGISTER NOW!
2015-2016 | ALLERTEN PARK & RETREAT CENTER | CHAMPAIGN, IL Documents: Associated Documents
Jun. 16 - Jun. 17, 2016
SPONSORS: Tactical Investigations; Provest, LLC; CPS Investigations, LLC; ATG Legal Serve; NCISS; ADSAI. SPECIAL GUESTS: Edward W. Williams, Gary Crowe, Dean Gluth.
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Edward W. Williams Documents:
Williams & Nickls
(312) 335-9470
4 Hour Class specifically designed for Illinois Process Servers: A) Due Process & Legal Jurisdiction B) The Mechanics of Lawful Methods of Service C) Best Practice for Process Serving D) Skip Tracing and Due Diligence E) Basic Surveillance Techniques F) Affidavits & reporting G) Overview of the Illinois Eavesdropping Law: The Legalities of Video & Audio Reporting. Certificate of Completion by Williams & Nickl.
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Gary Crowe Documents:
NAPPS Administrator
A) ILAPPS STATE CHARTER with NAPPS - "The Important of Membership" B) Review of NAPPS Meeting in New Mexico C) Federal Compliance Issues
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Dean Gluth Documents:
3rd Vice President of NCISS
Introduction of the National Council of Investigations and Security Services (NCISS).
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2014-2015 | HARRAH'S CASINO | JOLIET, IL Documents: Associated Documents
Jun. 5 - Jun. 6, 2015
SPONSORS: Provest, LLC; Tactical Investigations; PDJ Services; Finch Process Service; Manias Detective Agency; Keeley Investigations; Synder Insurance; A Private Investigator, Inc. SPECIAL GUEST: Nancy Adelson, Timothy Couch, Randy Mucha, Manny Manias, Bob Rusch.
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Nancy Adelson Documents:
Tenured Professor and Past Real Estate Program Coordinator North Seattle College
206 934-3730
Skip Tracing through Genealogy.
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Timothy Couch Documents:
NAPPS Board of Directors
(985) 792-7719,
Special Guest on behalf of NAPPS - Promotions and Growth.
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Randy Mucha Documents:
ILAPPS Northern Director
" Building, Managing, and Being A Part of A Vending Network."
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2013-2014 | STATE HOUSE INN | SPRINGFIELD, IL Documents: Associated Documents
May 9 - May 10, 2014
SPONSORS: PI Magazine; Tristar Software; Serve Now; Tactical Investigations; PDJ Services; Attorney Services of Northwest Ohio; Court Reporters of Akron Canton Cleveland; 1-800-Process; State Process Services, Inc.; Delaware Attorney Services; ATG Legal Serve; Finch Process Services; CPS Investigations, LLC; Keeley Investigations, Inc.; A Closer Look Investigations, Inc.; Bill Clutter Investigations, Inc.; Courthouse Courier. SPECIAL GUESTS: Michelle Stuart, Ed Huntley, Steve Glenn.
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Michele Stuart Documents:
Jag Investigations
"Advanced Profiling Using Internet Research Methods"; Includes information on security risks and security privacy applications.
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Ed Huntley Documents:
Litigation Counsel for the Illinois Dept. of Corrections
"Serving Process at Correctional Facilities in Illinois"
Steve Glenn Documents:
President of Process Servers Association of Colorado (PSACO)
Keynote Speaker on behalf of Napps.
Valinda Rowe Documents:
IllinoisCarry Spokeswoman; Certified trainer by the NRA; 2011 Citizens committee for the Right to Keep and bear Arms
"Concealed Carry Law in Illinois" - Discussion Panel
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Paul Ciolino Documents:
Paul J. Colin & Associates; "One of America's Top Five Investigators" - Dan Rather CBS News
"Concealed and Law in Illinois" - Discussion Panel.
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Scott Stern Documents:
Stern Process & Investigation, LLC; Criminal Defense Collections Attorney; Former Police Office; Former President of ADSAI
"Concealed and Carry Law in Illinois" - Discussion Panel
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