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Education & Training
2018-2019 | HARRAH'S CASINO | JOLIET, IL Documents: Associated Documents
Aug. 3 - 4, 2018
Joliet, IL 60432
Please click the Document file to view or print the registration form. There are 4 pages to this PDF file. If you are interested in being a VENDOR, information is also found within this PDF file. Please utilize the information provided within the registration form to properly book your room reservation to receive the special rate as an attendee of the conference. SPECIAL GUEST PRESENTERS this year include ILAPPS founder and defense investigator, William "Bill" Clutter; former US Marshal and investigator, Rick Knight; and attorney Edward Williams.
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2017-2018 | |CROWNE PLAZA | ROSEMONT, IL Documents: Associated Documents
Apr. 21-22, 2017
Please click PDF file to view and print registration form. NEAR RIVER'S CASINO! Event begins at 8:00AM and closes at 5PM. SPECIAL GUESTS INCLUDE: Lt. Paul Echols -Keynote Speaker Keynote Speaker. Attorney Edward W. Williams - Education Instructor. VENDORS: Process Server's Toolbox - Bob Musser; SimplServe - John Runchey; ServeNow; ServeManager; PiNow; NCISS SPONSORS: Tactical Investigations; CPS Investigations, LLC; Cox Livery REGISTER NOW!
2015-2016 | ALLERTEN PARK & RETREAT CENTER | CHAMPAIGN, IL Documents: Associated Documents
Jun. 16 - Jun. 17, 2016
SPONSORS: Tactical Investigations; Provest, LLC; CPS Investigations, LLC; ATG Legal Serve; NCISS; ADSAI. SPECIAL GUESTS: Edward W. Williams, Gary Crowe, Dean Gluth.
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Edward W. Williams Documents:
Williams & Nickls
(312) 335-9470
4 Hour Class specifically designed for Illinois Process Servers: A) Due Process & Legal Jurisdiction B) The Mechanics of Lawful Methods of Service C) Best Practice for Process Serving D) Skip Tracing and Due Diligence E) Basic Surveillance Techniques F) Affidavits & reporting G) Overview of the Illinois Eavesdropping Law: The Legalities of Video & Audio Reporting. Certificate of Completion by Williams & Nickl.
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Gary Crowe Documents:
NAPPS Administrator
A) ILAPPS STATE CHARTER with NAPPS - "The Important of Membership" B) Review of NAPPS Meeting in New Mexico C) Federal Compliance Issues
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Dean Gluth Documents:
3rd Vice President of NCISS
Introduction of the National Council of Investigations and Security Services (NCISS).
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2014-2015 | HARRAH'S CASINO | JOLIET, IL Documents: Associated Documents
Jun. 5 - Jun. 6, 2015
SPONSORS: Provest, LLC; Tactical Investigations; PDJ Services; Finch Process Service; Manias Detective Agency; Keeley Investigations; Synder Insurance; A Private Investigator, Inc. SPECIAL GUEST: Nancy Adelson, Timothy Couch, Randy Mucha, Manny Manias, Bob Rusch.
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Nancy Adelson Documents:
Tenured Professor and Past Real Estate Program Coordinator North Seattle College
206 934-3730
Skip Tracing through Genealogy.
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Timothy Couch Documents:
NAPPS Board of Directors
(985) 792-7719,
Special Guest on behalf of NAPPS - Promotions and Growth.
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Randy Mucha Documents:
ILAPPS Northern Director
" Building, Managing, and Being A Part of A Vending Network."
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2013-2014 | STATE HOUSE INN | SPRINGFIELD, IL Documents: Associated Documents
May 9 - May 10, 2014
SPONSORS: PI Magazine; Tristar Software; Serve Now; Tactical Investigations; PDJ Services; Attorney Services of Northwest Ohio; Court Reporters of Akron Canton Cleveland; 1-800-Process; State Process Services, Inc.; Delaware Attorney Services; ATG Legal Serve; Finch Process Services; CPS Investigations, LLC; Keeley Investigations, Inc.; A Closer Look Investigations, Inc.; Bill Clutter Investigations, Inc.; Courthouse Courier. SPECIAL GUESTS: Michelle Stuart, Ed Huntley, Steve Glenn.
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Michele Stuart Documents:
Jag Investigations
"Advanced Profiling Using Internet Research Methods"; Includes information on security risks and security privacy applications.
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Ed Huntley Documents:
Litigation Counsel for the Illinois Dept. of Corrections
"Serving Process at Correctional Facilities in Illinois"
Steve Glenn Documents:
President of Process Servers Association of Colorado (PSACO)
Keynote Speaker on behalf of Napps.
Valinda Rowe Documents:
IllinoisCarry Spokeswoman; Certified trainer by the NRA; 2011 Citizens committee for the Right to Keep and bear Arms
"Concealed Carry Law in Illinois" - Discussion Panel
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Paul Ciolino Documents:
Paul J. Colin & Associates; "One of America's Top Five Investigators" - Dan Rather CBS News
"Concealed and Law in Illinois" - Discussion Panel.
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Scott Stern Documents:
Stern Process & Investigation, LLC; Criminal Defense Collections Attorney; Former Police Office; Former President of ADSAI
"Concealed and Carry Law in Illinois" - Discussion Panel
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